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So if Queen Victoria ever had expressed the view that it would be impossible for women she would have been right.Oral sex and a great many other sexual activities have also never been banned by statute.All I need is a computer, an Internet connection and an hour of free time.

And then there are online chat rooms, gay hook-up sites, and gay apps that are also used by men who are married and "just having sex with men," even though they're "not gay." After all, why not fish where you're most likely to hook one, especially when you can do it incognito! " I support my brothers and sisters who still haven't come to terms with their sexuality for one reason only.

Many of the laws banning illicit sexual activity (male homosexuality, incest, age of consent of 16) actually only date from the late 19th century.

Contrary to legend, it did not escape a ban because Queen Victoria insisted that ladies did not do such things.

I understand that when homosexuality was made illegal in the UK, no one had the guts to tell Queen Victoria (who had to sign the papers) what a lesbian was.

It's either this or that she was told and refused to believe that any woman could do such a thing.