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Thanks to my wonderfully amazing boyfriend, I’ve now got several books on his borrowed Kindle to read (and have spent more time pouring over books at Barnes & Noble, than a kid drooling over candy in a candy store).This week’s book, entitled, “by Lauren Lipton, does what a book should do: spark emotion that wants you to throw it up in the air and yell to the characters, “What is wrong with you people?! ” Plot summary: Peggy (and her best friend Bex) own a small cleaning supply store in New York and has a documentary-producing boyfriend who is afraid to commit." "[One of] summer's best beach reads: A crumbling manse, whiskey punch, and the ruggedly handsome scion of a preppy Connecticut family lead to an unorthodox marriage pact in Lauren Lipton's Mating Rituals of the North American Wasp." Wickedly funny, yet deeply poignant, this book marks the debut of a sparkling new voice.

Thus I ended up walking out of the bookstore the other day with this watermelon-colored volume.

Hung-over and miserable, she sneaks out of the sleeping man's hotel room and returns home to New York, where her boyfriend apologizes for the fight and gives her a Tiffany box containing a pre-engagement ring. The next day she receives a phone call from the Las Vegas one-night stand, Luke, claiming she's already married to him—and he faxes her the license for proof!

Both are ready for an annulment, until Peggy arrives in quaint New Nineveh, CT, where Luke cares for his Great Aunt, and the old woman makes Peggy an offer she can't refuse. This leaves room for only two things that can elevate a novel over the usual dross: style and observation. Lipton's ability to get inside the minds of the characters, and, consequently, to make us care about them, is top-notch, as are her notes on the WASP/preppie world." "...delightfully romantic.

It was a cute, quick read, and though I wanted to shake some sense into the characters a couple of times, it wasn't so much that I got annoyed by it.

Peggy Adams is upset when she wakes up next to a strange man after a Vegas night she can't remember...she's horrified when she discovers that she married him!