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It’s like saying they know you as well as you know you, so they don’t ask, they assume, and may even tell Misunderstanding What it Means to Validate: Sometimes people invalidate because they believe if they validate they are agreeing.

A person can state, “You think it’s wrong that you’re angry with your friend,” and not agree with you. But because they want to reassure you they invalidate by saying, “You shouldn’t think that way.” Wanting to Fix Your Feelings: “Come on, don’t be sad. ” People who love you don’t want you to hurt so sometimes they invalidate your thoughts and feelings in their efforts to get you to feel happier.

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Today I write about “Period Panties” as one such context.Scale Arc’s RESTful cache management API calls, or the cache management UI which is powered by the same APIs, let you clear cache at multiple levels.You can choose to clear or invalidate queries related to a specific cache pattern within a specific database, or you can clear the cache for the whole database or a whole cluster with a single API call.So, given this historical and cultural context of menstrual shaming, there’s a lot to like about Period Panties.In their creators and purchasers, we have women who, instead of presumably cowering in the shameful red tent of their ratty old granny panties, are choosing to turn this week of bleeding into a celebration of female power.Most people would deny that they invalidate the internal experience of others.