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Home ranch style updating

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Think about adding a second story if you’ve got a single story home, and raise the roofline regardless of how many stories you have in order to set your home off from those around it.

Gabled dormers for the upstairs bedrooms add more of that exterior texture we were talking about earlier, and covered entryways add a little something extra to your front entryway as well.

This home was built in the 1970's and was in need of some updating.

The brick was in good condition, but needed a dark olive taupe to spruce it up.

Split-level ranches don’t offer much more as far as variety goes, just an extra half-story to work with.

So the trick to remodeling ranch style homes is pretty obvious: find ways to make your boring ranch home stand out from the rest!

Something that’s important to remember is that many ranch homes are sitting in a neighborhood chocked full of other ranches.

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It’s in dire need of being introduced to the 21st century and that’s where I came in.

“Coveted jumbo bungalows, packing a surprising amount of sprawling hardwood-floor space under a bracket-supported tile roof, and illuminated by a bay of angel-gilt windows, are what many aspiring homeowners dream about.” Denver Square The house style that’s most iconic to Denver is a particular version of the foursquare, a “boxy, two-story, hipped-roof dwelling, executed mostly in brick,” said Tom Simmons of Front Range Research Associates Inc., a historic-preservation company in Denver.

“They’re so ubiquitous they are called ‘Denver Squares’ here,” he said.

I’ve got a fun project I’m helping with and want to share it with y’all today! One of my friends from my church and fellow choir member, Andrea, has lived in this 1950’s brick ranch house off the Marietta square for 14 years.

She bought it from her mother and has never made it her own.