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She briefly attended UCLA and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

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In a written response to the lawsuits, Shiamak claims the allegations are not true and that the two former dancers are trying to ruin "his character, reputation and affiliated organizations."​ Shiamak, who splits his time between Mumbai and North Vancouver, says he is the "custodian" of VRRP, not its leader, and that if the two men believed he was their spiritual guru, that was their personal view.But in the claim, Mistry says Shiamak was their spiritual guru. Is there any choice for those unexposed to this video? Are they wrong, if they chose to compromise to make room for those they love?

They claimed that they had been stalked and sexually harassed by him.

A recent video by All India Bakchod has taken the internet by storm for all the right reasons.

The video highlights the warped take of the industry on romance, with successive generations being brought up with presentations that normalise sexual harassment.

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